Burbank Open MRI is a locally owned business servicing clients in Burbank and all surrounding southern California communities. With our commitment to providing excellent customer service, Burbank Open MRI has established ourselves as leaders in the MRI space. We strive to provide the highest level Open MRI imaging possible. We are enthusiastic about giving back to the community by maximizing our client outcomes. The highly detailed images our MRI machines produce assist medical practitioners in deciding on the best course of action for our clients.


When you experience Burbank Open MRI, you will quickly come to realize that your personal interests are highly valued by us. We strive to treat each person that comes through our doors as family. We are fully prepared to accommodate each distinct type of patient. Whether you are a young child, or older person, heavy set or thin, we strive to make your experience an enjoyable one. Our amazing staff are well versed in their ability to make an otherwise uncomfortable medical visit a pleasant one.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with an enjoyable MRI experience. Utilizing the newest technology available, imaging procedures that used to take upwards of an hour or more can now be done in approximately thirty minutes. Also, we can accommodate friends or family members in the MRI room, so our clients have someone to keep them company during their procedure. During the procedure, our intercom system allows for open communication between clients and technicians and we also provide the option to watch a movie or other television programming. We are confident that our clients will leave feeling completely at ease.


  • Our team of highly qualified professionals are fully committed to providing top quality service
  • Our punctuality and commitment to keeping to schedule
  • We offer same-day appointments whenever possible
  • Our staff is bilingual
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted
  • We are committed to never turning clients away
  • We provide results to your primary physician within 24 hours of your examination
  • We can accommodate claustrophobic clients.
  • Our Hitachi Airis II Open MRI machine assures that the MRI procedure will be pleasant
  • Burbank Open MRI is fully accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.