Our Advanced Technology

We utilize the Hitachi Airis II open MRI scanner, with high-performance technology and state-of-the-art imaging. Read More>

Claustrophobia and MRI

Our open MRI machines offer a people relief from feelings of anxiety brought on by claustrophobia. Read more >

No Insurance? Don’t Worry

Are you concerned that you can’t get an MRI done because you don’t have medical insurance? Don’t worry, Burbank Open MRI offers cash payment options. Read more >

About Us

Open MRI Burbank offers Open MRI scans to residents of Southern California at our independently owned facility. We have been a leader in friendly patient care since we started operating in 2005. We help give back to the community by raising positive outcomes for patients with our high quality body scans. At Open MRI Burbank we care for our patients and strive to make sure that they have a comfortable imaging experience.

With over ten years of experience, our conscientious staff, radiologists, and technicians aim to provide great personal care. At our facility we treat our patients like family; we assure you that your time, privacy, and dignity are valuable to us. Most insurance plans are accepted and our experienced radiologists will work with your doctor to analyze the results of your scan.

Undergoing an Open MRI scan has never been easier! Thanks to our Hitachi Airis II Open MRI machine patients can be scanned comfortably. Our machines are open on all sides so most of the patient’s body will remain outside of the scanner.

At Open MRI Burbank we are prepared to accommodate all types of patients, including larger patients and those with claustrophobia. Most MRI scans can be completed in under an hour due to modern high-powered imaging. Our patients can easily communicate with their imaging technician and even watch movies during their scan. Undergoing an Open MRI scan at Burbank MRI is a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Open MRI Burbank is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission